LC Systems Security cares about your safety and property. The information and links on this page are to help arm you with information on protecting yourself, your family and your property. Please use them and do not hesitate to call our office for additional information.

Street Smarts

  • Know the neighborhoods where you live and work.
  • Check locations of police and fire stations, public telephones, hospitals, restaurants, gas stations or stores that are open late.
  • Use automated teller machines in the daylight.
  • Don't wear headphones while walking or jogging.
  • If you think someone is following you when you are in your car, don't head home. Drive to the nearest police or fire station or open business to get help.

Additional Street Smart Resources

  • Walk Score
  • Safe USA

Burglary Prevention

  • Trim shrubs back to avoid giving burglars cover.
  • Keep garages and sheds closed and locked at all times.
  • When advertising valuable items for sale, give only your phone number, not your street address.
  • Do not leave doors unlocked while working in the yard.
  • Consider installing an electronic security system to monitor for burglary, fire and personal emergency.
  • Consider the ways that your home or business may be vulnerable to fire, crime, and medical emergencies.
  • Then contact us to find out how LC Systems can help protect you.

Additional Burglary Prevention Resources

  • National Crime Prevtion Council
  • Burglary Prevention Council